Welcome to Tiger Football,

opicAs another football season is upon us, I would like to thank you for being a part of the Adairsville Football Community. It is an honor and privilege to be the head football coach at Adairsville High School. This year’s theme is 212 degrees. The difference between very hot and boiling is just one degree.  That one degree from 211 to 212 can generate enough force to power a machine.  212 is a simple reminder that small things can make the difference. We believe that each one of our players is that one degree that can change anything in front of them whether in the community, the classroom, or on the football field.  Also, we look forward to you making the one degree difference on Friday nights. Let’s see a packed house each Friday evening as the Tigers roll on to victory.   Last, you will see a new phrase, “It’s all about the Ville,” on the website.  We hope this phrase catches on, representing the fact that community is key not only for our team but also in life.  The phrase is also a symbol and tribute to this great community of Adairsville.  It’s great to be a Tiger! See you at the game!
Head Football Coach,
Jim Kremer
written by ear temperature